Friday, March 7, 2014


Gosh! It has been more than a year since my last entry. I almost forget my own blog address and had to try several times with my password.  

There was always an idea and several sometimes but I was just so lazy to make the times..hehe..lazy me.
But of course it wasn’t anyone else’s fault but mine. 

Yes, people always said that we have the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 4 weeks a month and 12 months a year and 365 days (to make it fair..hehe) a year. Lucky us..aren’t we, having so much days in our life. But please, these numbers will never apply to you if you are a mother and an employee to an organization as well. 

It is not an excuse but a reality, a fact that people around us tend to ignore. But once you are so use to it, everything become so normal and sometimes, you just telling yourself, what the heck..I am going to be lazy today..

Okay, now that I am talking with keyboard, I just can’t stop myself.

Alright then, actually I just want to talk on some little thing here (at this chance). Last couple of weeks, I always encountered several news about one of our young actress that is now tangle in one controversial affair, involving herself and her married boyfriend and of course the wife. And there are outcries from public on this issue. Surely, I can understand that this thing is such a burden or stressful for the beautiful young lady but one has to remember, you play with the fire, you’ll get your finger burned. 

Well, a media conference had been made, the actress explained her side of the story and the said man too and bla..bla..bla..okay, it is her right to defend herself right. defend yourself with ‘bahan bukti’ /‘evidence’ that proves you are wrong is a very wrong way to defend ourselves. She should has fired her lawyer for letting her having the conference together with that married man. What are they trying to prove anyway? That they are so in love and it is okay to hurt the wife with their action?


Admitting to having an affair with a married man, regardless of what date they started it, as long as the man is still legally married is such a foolish thing to do. And still you went for a holiday with him only after 2 months meeting him? Even when you knew that he is a married man? With 2 kids?

Come on girl, you can do better than that.

First, guilty because he is a married man. No matter how broken his marriage is, if he is still legally married, you are the sinner one.  If you can’t help yourself, do not show your affair in public via your instagram and then telling everyone that he is a divorced man. Then you had your photo taken with his children and again, published them publicly.

But I really can’t blame her, maybe she is too young to understand all these. 

Everyone should understand that a respectable man shouldn’t humiliated his wife even though he is not in love with her anymore, If you think that you can’t live with her anymore, divorce her properly. Be responsible. Not by cheating on her just because you think that you will not want her anymore as your wife. What a coward act that is.

Now that the public has pressured them, the actress threatened to sue the wife for telling the media about her own family affair and the man is okay with that. What are you trying to prove anyway, that you are right doing something wrong and yet still blame the victim? 

She really is desperate for support but her way of doing it is totally wrong. 

If she thinks she can sue the wife for talking, maybe she should consult her lawyer first, whether the wife can sue her over anything.  

As a celebrity, she should know what best for her career.  She needs public to support her over her career then she should know not to do anything and let her feeling beat the best out of her. I can’t say that I am agreeing with what she is doing but I do feel sorry for her. Her career has just started but she smears it with that foolish thing she shouldn’t has done.

But it is not too late for her. But first she needs to know that, that man is no good for her.

A man, a gentleman shouldn’t do what he did to his wife. That is number one. A man that hurting his wife and has no shame on his wrong doing Is not fit to be a husband. I will never choose a man that hurts his wife publicly and has no guilty feeling about it. This kind of man will not hesitate to do it again.

But of course, women always get it wrong when relate to men. They think they had found their prince but then, how do you find them, where do you find them, that count more on who they are.
The right man is to be found at the right place.

Well…I just speaking my opinion but of course what matter is how we want to shape our life. Never choose the hard path if you are not sure you are strong enough to go through them. Admitting a mistake is a lot more nobles than refusing to see the mistake and make a good turn of it.

Last but not least, just remember that as a girl, a woman we are the target of public judgment. Most of the times, people seeing us as the sinner not the victim. So take care of ourselves and be wise.