Monday, May 10, 2010

my new home..BINTULU

10/05/2010 Monday 12.22 noon
today is my 4th monday in bintulu..a still alien city to me. but i admit it, i'd felt in love with this place..the energy captivated me. the speed really are up to my level. since i started my job here, in an oil & gas construction company, i kind of opened up my eyes to many things that 've never really care or bothered to looked at before.
first, i really can see a lot of chances in career here. in business also..but its all still up to the individual.
a chance + determination + efforts = success.
in political view, i did notice some of intelligent group of people that is quite loud in their view. and honestly, that is what i like most.
intelligent people + belief + strong voice (non nonsense fact)
i am considering myself as lucky..i accepted this golden opportunity by sacrifying a little part of my family way of life, we (me & the kids) have to separate with my husband (working in Sibu division) but we agreed on 1 thing for these :
"its never an easy journey to get to the top."
so we compromised and here we are, me & the kids apart from my husband..of course we miss him all the time but the top priority now is the kids' future. we are very well aware, we are doing these for the sake of the children. and may God bless us for our intention.
first time, i need to rely on my own driving skills (for all this time i fully depended on my husband in driving) and i did some minor damage for the 1st 2 days i drove on my own..still, i am greatful for not hurting anyone (other than my own car).
the major issue now is to settle down at our own place. i reall don't like the fact that we are troubling my relative by staying temporarily with them. they are undeniable nice and generous but my nature never allowed me to become fully depended on others. only that to get a place to rent is very tough at this time.. with budget of RM500 monthly rental for a house i'm still not a lucky one in this.
but friends do help a lot by their suggestions. only that i really want to be careful on this and a lot of things to take into consideration into this matter. but i really hope that i will get something cozy and simple for us.
seeing the girls crying every morning i went out to work really killing me inside but i know very well that i need to be very strong or we might not going to make this out. but it just a wonderful sight to see their faces in the evening and when we play together before their bed time, i really felt blessed. they are my nurture and taking care of..
in the other hand, my heart went out to my beloved hubby...for how many years, he had been pampered and everything was prepared for him, now he has to taking care of his own meal. not to mention the loneliness..but dear hubby, we are doint this together...and i truly believe in you and in us..that we can make it.
we do need to sacrifice more this time..unfortunately for us, the transportation cost for him to back and forward from bintulu-sibu is increased by this month. so again, there is another thing to take into calculation. but i still put my hope into his application to transfer here so that we will be a unit again.
life is hard before and so far we still can go through all this..and the keyword is "togetherness".
thanx to my current employment, for giving me this chance and believe in me. i am not going to make any excuses but just to focus and giving my effort to prove to myself that i am not a 'no' person.
may God bless our family in this journey and provide us with courage and strength for us to go further. for our kids, bless them for their health and i really am thankful for everything that is given to me.