Friday, June 25, 2010

Eliminate UPSR & PMR?


hot news for this couple of days..our administrator plan to eliminate these 2 public examination, for what reason, still unclear to us. usual, there is pro and contra of it.
actually i want to wait for response from facebook members but seems not many interested in sharing and talking serious issue like this, i better share here whatever i have. thanks to some, for their strong opinion.
waiting for those so called intelligent people that used to heat up the wall there but none...a little bit dissapointed by this, i still want to speak up my opinion...hahaha..tidak pandai tutup mulut punya orang la..
what to do mind always full and i hate to see things goes by without sharing it with friends.
first, lets talk about the pro...
(i) maybe those student (our children will be one of them) will eased with the burden, no more pressure for them to attend extra class or tuition in the evening. less tiring for them.
(ii) parents also can relax a little bit, stop pressuring their kids to drained their brain out of their head
(iii) our administrator may be can reduce the cost and make use of the extra cost available for other purposes (mind u, the preparation of all those exam and implemantation does acquire quite a fund)
had i made a few of it? huhuhu..not enough but can't really squeze my mind right now..
lets check the contra..(i got quite a number for this morning only). to tell u the truth i was the only person in the whole day had nodded yes to this issue...hehehe....
(i) as many mentioned earlier in my fb, the quality or standard of our education is becoming lower by the idea only
(ii) some even said, maybe in the future, for there is no valuation, our students will have zero standard and everyone can be graduate easily but please don't forget, SPM is the platform to get a place in our college, not UPSR or PMR
(iii) no competitiveness among students, no target and motivation for them to perform..well i really aware of this because most of our people (through history) always need to be pushed, only then they can move forward
i thinks enough of it....but really most of people do not agree with the idea. i hope no children future will be at stake because some of our politician just want to make a name for themselves..just the same when they withdrawn the using of English in teaching Maths & Science..until now most parent that i'd heard talking about it, felt disappointed by it.
if we are so scared of challenge, of hardwork and new things, how are we going to be a developed country? if our children at the age of 15 still struggling to finish a sentence when asked to read, how are going to compete with the outside world?
we are so scared of trying new things yet we eliminates and destroyed all the old good things..i.e the SRP..well i was the 3rd batch to have the PMR, if i'm not mistaken, but many people said that SRP is more relevant and created more quality student because of the strict regulation..u failed the mandatory subject, u r not qualify to continue until u repeat the class and pass it.
even now, for SPM, the requirement to continue to lower 6 is less competitive..most the student can easily go through and proceed to lower 6 after the SPM. then when they are qualified to study in our public university or college, they were taught in BM, BUT for most of the student themselves experienced, most of the references is in English. maybe when they were out, ok when they joint the government sector for 90% of the works was done in BM BUT again, if u ready to challenge the private sector, there will the problem arise.
enough with that..i am out of the scope already..but really..why do we want to stop our own new generation to be competitive to the outside world? why do we need to overprotecting them? the more we make it easier, the harder it will be for them (our students and younger generation).
but of course, i always curious with the objectives and reasons behind all this. we, the common people will get the impact. the politicians, no wori for them..YB..banyak duit, abis form 5, antar anak pergi kolej swasta, belajar dlm English...hantar anak ke luar negara, semua lebih standard, semua dlm English but our children has no choice but to struggle with the lousy system.
ok..let me share one of the way ( i got this idea from a businessman). if your kids really excell in his/her study, and he/she is interested in continuing to further study, after they finish @ complete their SPM, if they are qualify, get them to study for A level. takes about a year to finish and many private college offer that nowadays. then after the A level, they can directly continue to Degree programme (not sure bout the public university) in any College inside or outside our we can save 2 years for the Diploma programme which can take up to 6-7 years to complete until the Degree course. that is why, our children will only be able to support themselves at the age of 26-27, the earliest. for medic student, you will have to add up to another 2-5 yrs for practical..might be not very correct but i will do some research on this.
feel worry for our kids future, as a mother myself..i hope that instead of lessen the standar, our administrator should set the standard higher so our youngster will be more motivated and competitive. don't teach them to be afraid of difficulty but teach them to overcome it..

Monday, June 7, 2010

::thinking ..thinking and..thinking......::

some of my friends used to tell me that I am a first i thought..what doea a thinker mean?
then i tried to ask someone the question..what is a thinker?
the answer:::: someone who like to think deeply and farer than other is a thinker..normally this kind of person will give themselves a headache..or migrain..just to think of something that some might just took as a rubbish...
well then i sat by myself and i do that? i mean..really? but did i accomplish anything by doing that too? hmmm....
but one thing i'm very sure about is...from when i was just a kid i always asking myself "why..why and why" silently everytime i saw anything happened...not asking in despair, pardon me..but i always interested in knowing why did something happened that way or why that we have to do that..but of course due to my traditional upringing by my own mother, i shut my mouth (because as kids, we are not allowed to asked too much questions.
then now, when i am a mother, i never stop my children in asking anything...tiring but i like to answer them, explaining things appropriately for their level is a challenge to me..and i love to say.."pandai anak mami" or "clever girl".
my brain like i'd once told a friend of mine, only rest when i was asleep...may be because of that, i prefer books and thriller is my top choice..i love mystery. still remember when i was at primary school, i read all the time..and i think i'd read most of the children mystery fiction at that time. I like most..Nancy Drew mystery..and there was a series of boys mystery too, that i forgot their name.
when i was a little older, my favorite is Sherlock Holmes and Sidney Sheldon...really loves their writing..make my head happy lol..
the same goes with movies..i always loves thriller but not too extreme..prefer some kind of things that can make me wonder what will happen next...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

::holiday season::


"gawai festival"
when i was a little kid, this is the moment that i'd been waiting for..a time to reunite with all those long distance cousins..
we swam in the river...we played in the sand...running all over the "ruai". watching 'inik' making "penyaram"....all those memories flooded back in this holiday season. i used to be a very happy go lucky and bright kid..easy to be friend with anyone (that is why until now i can get along with most of my female cousins both my fathers' and mothers' side).
now it is time for our kids..but sadly, some of the parents never understand the meaning of having their own 'kampung' or village. when i was at school, i was so proud when i shared with friends...i have 'kampung' but some of my friends don't (because parents are too proud to be kampung people).
even when i was working in KL during my teenage time, people never believe if i said that i can very well did all the farming work...'bumai' what we called it. i know how to do the harvest process, the planting process..even i know how did the rubber first look like before we see them in the shop as a rubber shoes or slipers..until now, i always proud of my origin.
for me...acting cool and scared of the mosquitos, the heat, hate the long boat ride..the lack of the utilities..we are just denying our origin. complaining of the hard life in the hometown..instead for me..better if they do something about that, than running away and pretending they are town people..come on la..never sounds cool to me..if u refused to celebrate the biggest celebration for our people with your old parent at your own origin, you are teaching your kids the same behaviour in the future.
but this time, it did upset me a family can't make it, going back to my 'kampung'.
for me, this celebration is not about having lots lots of alcoholic drinks, acting wild and stupid but most important, this is the time to spend with family, a time to reunite after being away from each other for the whole year. a time to appreciate our ancestry...a time to be proud of our culture..a very rich culture.
no matter how 'tall' you are now, always remember that, we are Iban..a Dayak..a proud and strong dayak that paved all this native land more than hundreds years before. i am so proud of it..but many that i know, is ashamed of they own origin too...well, too bad for them and a waste to have a member of our community that acting that way too..
last few days, i did manage to have dinner with some relatives, one is a very respectable man in our family because of his modesty and knowledge...and how i am very grateful that we were born from a very strong 'root'....this man told us..bact at 60's in Dalat area (my origin) a pair of slippers is a wealth to the kids. no scholl uniform for the students...even having a long pants is a pride to those kids at that time. tthey have to paddle or 'berkayuh' to get to school.
my own grandfather..had to sold most of his belonging just to get all of his children an education. just imagine our kids by this day..and we ourselves as parent become ignorant to the fact that it was never easy to be at where we are today..that was our ancestors never ever ashamed and act like we are the king just because we have a terrace house at the town..because if our ancestors think the way we are now, we might not be as lucky and and as blessed as we are for today...