Thursday, December 23, 2010


I always saying to friends and reminding myself that by telling ourself each morning, how we gonna be for the day, it will shaped the end of the day. For example, every morning when I woke, I said to myself, "I will have a great day today, regardless of what will coming to me in the whole day." Well, sometimes it doesn't really worked, because I am just a human being and there are things that easily can diverted my attention and focus and stressed me down. But for most of the times, it worked. Beautifully works! And when we always start our day with a bright and positive thinking, there is a big chance that it will last till the end of the day, at least.

Whenever we are in a negative situation, try to look for the positive side of it. Like Chinese believe in yin and yang, it is true to my own experience. Do not assume the negative outcome or answer but look for the positive energy or opportunity.


I came to an office to prospect. When I introduced myself as an life insurance agent, most of the people there will suddenly become busy. They will have no time to spare me and listen to my proposal. But, instead of turning my back and leave, I will wandering around a bit, approach someone closest to me.

My first Q is : hello, have u been working here long?

then that person will answer me short. as short as he can (avoiding eye contact with me) : just few months..

Me : where u come from sir?

prospect : Perak

Me : I see...this is the first time in Sarawak? U must have miss your hometown.

Prospect : Yes. At the beginning it was a bit hard but now, it's kind of ok..(he started looking at me)

Me : So how do u think of our place?

Prospect : nice...but the river is soo..big. It scared me at first..hehehe...(honest admission)

So, this is only the beginning. People would not chase you out if you are polite to them. Open Q and A works very well, I did not stop when their attitute said NO to me, but I mingled politely and people like it when I ask and wanted to know about them. It opened oppurtunity. If they said, "I have a policy already.." Then I will say, "If that so, let me give my service then. What do you recall about your policy? Or is there anything you want to ask or need me to help you since I am here now? It is my duty to give you my service"
Then they will say, "You are right, what if you explain and refresh me again on the features and benefits of my policy? I forget most of it already..."
then I will explain and talk to him. I will pass my business card and he will give me his number. So, I did not close any case but I make network. I'd builded a relationship. If, in the first time, when they welcome me negatively, I 'd just walked out of there, I will end up with nothing but frustration. But I tried to put some positive energy in myself and the prospect. I want them to give me positive response, so I need to give them the positive trigger.
okay, enough with that. Here is another story that I found in one of my Motivation books and I just love to share it with you all. Enjoy and think positive.

Who you are speaks louder to me than anything you can say

At the beginning of my 8:00 a.m. class one Monday at University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), I cheerfully asked my students how their weekend had been. One young man said that his weekend had not been very good. He’d had his wisdom teeth extracted. The young man then proceeded to ask me why I always seemed to be so cheerful. His question reminded me of something I'd read somewhere before: “Every morning when you get up, you have a choice about how you want to approach life that day,” I said to the young man. “I choose to be cheerful". “Let me give you an example,” I continued.

The other sixty students in the class ceased their chatter and began to listen to our conversation. “In addition to teaching here at UNLV, I also teach out at the community college in Henderson, about seventeen miles down the freeway from where I live. One day a few weeks ago I drove those seventeen miles to Henderson. I exited the freeway and turned onto College Drive. I only had to drive another quarter-mile down the road to the college. But just then my car died. I tried to start it again, but the engine wouldn’t turn over. So I put my flashers on, grabbed my books, and marched down the road to the college.

“As soon as I got there I called AAA and asked them to send a tow truck. The secretary in the Provost's office asked me what had happened. ‘This is my lucky day,’ I replied, smiling. “‘Your car breaks down and today is your lucky day?’ She was puzzled. ‘What do you mean?’

“‘I live seventeen miles from here.’ I replied. ‘My car could have broken down anywhere along the freeway. It didn't. Instead, it broke down in the perfect place: off the freeway, within walking distance of here. I'm still able to teach my class, and I've been able to arrange for the tow truck to meet me after class. If my car was meant to break down today, it couldn't have been arranged in a more convenient fashion.’ “The secretary's eyes opened wide, and then she smiled. I smiled back and headed for class.” So ended my story to the students in my economics class at UNLV.

I scanned the sixty faces in the lecture hall. Despite the early hour, no one seemed to be asleep. Somehow, my story had touched them. Or maybe it wasn't the story at all. In fact, it had all started with a student's observation that I was cheerful. A wise man once said, “Who you are speaks louder to me than anything you can say.” I suppose it must be so.

Author: Lee Ryan Miller - story from his book "Teaching Amidst the Neon Palm Trees"