Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Beautiful Sight In Sarawak

Ya. This is an Anglican Church at Lutong, Miri, where one of the pastor is my brother in law, married to my sister in law. I was there few months back but I couldn't get the chance to take any picture, as much as I wish too, for unfortunately, my phone was out of battery/power.

When I was there, at the 2nd floor, where their quarter is, I was amazed to see the mosque just next to the church, separated only by a fence. And when they have their prayer, we can hear the 'bang' loud and clear from the church.

But do we complain? No. Never.

The muslims that come and go from the church also do not seems to bother about the church next door. So do the people from the church.

I can bet my whole fortune (which is not much as well..hehe) that if this is to be happens in Peninsula, the extremist NGO's and the politicians there will cry foul over this. I am very sure that they will appear on the news, on facebook and make police report. I am sure that this will be an issue that will be raised in the  parliament. I am sure that politicians will jump from their feet and become hero, saving their people's faith and am sure their religious body will come out with new case and rules.

But here, in Sarawak, the sight is just beautiful. How could a mosque becomes an annoyance to others when it is suppose to do good for the people, and likewise, how could a church becomes a threat to other people that do not believe, when it is just standing there, serving the people?

So, we are unique, we are strong, we are wiser, we are just amazing as Sarawakians. We have our time spends with working and trying to make ends meet. We have no time for hatred when we are so tired providing for our family, what we want is just a harmony with our neighbors regardless of their beliefs and skin color or language.

We are, in a way, much more advanced than certain people from over the sea.

I am a proud Sarawakians. Here where a family is built from Muslims, Christians, Buddhists or pagan. We never feel awkward attending our friends and relatives' wedding or funeral. We do not bother on how or what they eat or wear because what's more important is, we live in peace, we bring a pay cheque home for our family, not whose belief is the truest or whose God is the mightiest. We do not judge and punish just because we think that in our culture or belief, it suppose to be this way or that way.

We leave the rest stay as one's business with one own God God.

We only believe in doing the good, humane things. We believe in equality among mankind and we believe that we will reap whatever we sow today.

Above all, we believe, we are blessed as Sarawakians!

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